It’s Getting Hard To Know What is Automated and What Isn’t

It’s increasingly becoming a challenge to know when — and if — AI is at play in things we come across in our daily lives. From a report: Applicants usually don’t know when a startup has used artificial intelligence to triage their resume. When Big Tech deploys AI to tweak a social feed and maximize scrolling time, users often can’t tell, either. The same goes when the government relies on AI to dole out benefits — citizens have little say in the matter. What’s happening: As companies and the government take up AI at a delirious pace, it’s increasingly difficult to know what they’re automating — or hold them accountable when they make mistakes. If something goes wrong, those harmed have had no chance to vet their own fate. Why it matters: AI tasked with critical choices can be deployed rapidly, with little supervision — and it can fall dangerously short. The big picture: Researchers and companies are subject to no fixed rules or even specific professional guidelines regarding AI. Hence, companies have tripped up but suffered little more than a short-lived PR fuss.

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