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Why the Turkish lira is tumbling, and why other economies are worried

Turkey’s currency and stock market kept on falling Monday, weighed down by investor fears about the country’s economic policies and worsening relations with the United
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Russian PM threatens to answer U.S. sanctions with ‘other’ means

Russia’s prime minister sternly warned the United States on Friday against ramping up sanctions, saying that Moscow will retaliate with economic, political and unspecified “other”
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Space Force needed to thwart Russian, Chinese anti-satellite laser weapons: Pentagon

The U.S. Department of Defense says the development of anti-satellite laser weapons by China and Russia is among the key concerns necessitating the need for
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Russia names Steven Seagal ‘special representative’ to improve U.S. relations

Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced Saturday that it had made Michigan-born actor Steven Seagal, 66, its “special representative” for improving Russian-U.S. relations.According to the ministry, the